Shadesail Residential Install Kerikeri

Shadesail Extrablock 330

  • Key details
  • Completed April 2021
  • Location: Kerikeri Northland
  • 7 Metre track length attached to home, 23 meter perimeter size shade sail.
  • Material Extrablock 330 Fire Resistant. More information available click here
  • Shade sail colour: True Blue
  • Track attached to home two exisitng poles utilised to connect sail with pipe turnbuckles.

Prior to Canvasland Northland installing the sail you can see in the pictures the customer had installed a shade sail bought with a pre made size which they had struggled to get tight enough to avoid it shaking and banging in the wind. Canvasland was called in to install a custom made shadesail with the customers goal to avoid the sail billowing and banging in the wind. A track edge shadesail was recommended which allowed for the sail to be attached underneath the house soffit along the entire length of the sail and minimise any sail movement. This also maximises the shade provided with no gaps nearest the home. The team at Shadetex in Dargaville was called on to manufacture the shadesail from Extrablock 330 which also is a fire retardent product. Timber was installed under the soffit to attach the track edge of the sail. With the already existing poles re-utilised with new heavy-duty eyebolts installed to mount the two far side corners of the sail.

The result a sharp-looking shade sail that fulfils the needs of the customer and provides a highly improved product over the pre-made shadesail that was in place beforehand. The lovely young family can now enjoy their outdoor space and play in the sandpit knowing they are well protected from the harsh Northland sun. Keep up to date with the most recent projects on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

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