Dargaville Family Link Playcentre Ziptrak Blinds.

Four Premium Ziptrak Blinds with Two Traditional Zip Blinds

  • Key details
  • Completed April 2021
  • Curtain sizes, 4 Ziptrak curtains ranging from 4meters to 2.1meters wide and 2.2meters high.
  • Two custom sown zip curtains to fill ends of lean to area 1.6meters wide and 2.4meters high with measured to fit outline. (Can be seen in gallery below)
  • Blinds Clear, Champagne Border for Traditional Zip Blinds.
  • Kedar spline tape colour: Black
  • Powder coat colour Champagne Dulux Range

The Dargaville family link Playcentre was looking to provide shelter from the elements for their children and extend their play area. The already erected pergola provided shelter from the rain however the prevailing winds made the area too exposed for children in poor weather. Utilising a combination of Ziptrak and traditional zip curtains two pergola areas were successfully enclosed at the Playcentre providing an extended play space for the children no matter the weather with full protection from the wind and rain. The choice was made to select Ziptrak blinds for the larger spaces as this allows for ease of operation as a single staff member is easily able to open and close the blinds. On both pergolas there was a tricky shaped end space that needed to be closed off to provide weather protection, thanks to the talented fabricators at Canvasland the manufacturing of traditional PVC zip curtains was able to be completed and this space was fully enclosed, check out the gallery below. A great result was achieved for the Dargaville Playcentre with outdoor blinds that are fit for the purpose of extending the play area and easily used by staff. The tricky end spaces are easily accounted for by the skilled Canvasland fabricators, a job well done! Keep up to date with the most recent projects of Canvasland Te Tai Tokerau on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

Te Horo School Shade Sail Replacement

Four Monotec 370 Triangle Shade Sails.

  • Key details
  • Completed July 2021
  • Location: Te Horo School Pipiwai Northland
  • Material Monotec 370 with 15 Year Warranty (More information Available here)
  • Colours: Two Colours Candy Red and Koonunga Green
  • Design, four triangular shade sails connected via pipe turnbuckles to five posts. Centre high point of 6m high and four outer posts ranging from 3.2m to 3.5m high.
  • Shade sails designed with “kissing point” centres joining points.

Te Horo School was looking for a cost-effective replacement to the historic shadesails that had been taken down for some time. With the existing wooden posts still in good order, the decision was made to install four triangular shade sails utilising the original posts. Due to the size of the sails and the desire for a quality sail that would stand the test of time, Monotec 370 was opted for as the fabric. Monotec 370 is a premium fabric and the strongest fabric on the market ideal for larger shadesails, with a 15-year warranty Te Horo School can have peace of mind their shadesail will be there for many years to come. Candy red and Koonunga green were opted on to match the school colours. A feature of these sails was the joining points in the middle of the sails or ” kissing points” which helps to reduce gaps for the sun to penetrate through, essential when the goal is to provide shade for the school children to utilise more of the playground safe from the harsh sun. The result was a cost-effective shade solution for this awesome Northland school that not only looks amazing but will last for many years thanks to a quality fabric decision. Canvasland Te Tai Tokerau is proud to help protect the Tamariki of the North from the harsh Northland sun, if your school has a shade project which requires professional advice or help do not hesitate to get in touch with the team! We also offer a full maintenance and winter removal/cleaning service for educational facilities and their shade sails also. Keep up to date with our most recent projects on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

Shadesail Residential Install Kerikeri

Shadesail Extrablock 330

  • Key details
  • Completed April 2021
  • Location: Kerikeri Northland
  • 7 Metre track length attached to home, 23 meter perimeter size shade sail.
  • Material Extrablock 330 Fire Resistant. More information available click here
  • Shade sail colour: True Blue
  • Track attached to home two exisitng poles utilised to connect sail with pipe turnbuckles.

Prior to Canvasland Northland installing the sail you can see in the pictures the customer had installed a shade sail bought with a pre made size which they had struggled to get tight enough to avoid it shaking and banging in the wind. Canvasland was called in to install a custom made shadesail with the customers goal to avoid the sail billowing and banging in the wind. A track edge shadesail was recommended which allowed for the sail to be attached underneath the house soffit along the entire length of the sail and minimise any sail movement. This also maximises the shade provided with no gaps nearest the home. The team at Shadetex in Dargaville was called on to manufacture the shadesail from Extrablock 330 which also is a fire retardent product. Timber was installed under the soffit to attach the track edge of the sail. With the already existing poles re-utilised with new heavy-duty eyebolts installed to mount the two far side corners of the sail.

The result a sharp-looking shade sail that fulfils the needs of the customer and provides a highly improved product over the pre-made shadesail that was in place beforehand. The lovely young family can now enjoy their outdoor space and play in the sandpit knowing they are well protected from the harsh Northland sun. Keep up to date with the most recent projects on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

Motorised Electric Ziptrak Blind Ruakaka, Before and After

Electric Motorised Ziptrak Blind

  • Key details
  • Completed June 2021
  • Width: 3.6 meters Height: 2.1 meters high
  • Blind colour: Silver grey atmosphere 1%
  • Kedar spline tape colour: Black
  • Powder coat colour Desert Sand Dulux Range
  • Standard Flashing, powder coated also in Desert Sand
  • Electric Blind Motorised.

The customer was looking for an outdoor blind to provide protection from the elements for their outdoor kitchen area. Due to the height of the outdoor roof structure the decision was made to go for a motorised ziptrak outdoor blind by the customer. Powder coating matched the aluminium frame of the pergola. With the fence already in place the blind was designed to stop mid way down the pergolas supporting poles. The electric blind looks great and provides protection for the outdoor kitchen area whilst being able to be retracted with the press of a bottom to open up to the great view in Ruakaka. Keep up to date with our most recent projects on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

Ziptrak outdoor blinds before and after, Mangawhai project.

Two Premium Mesh Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds.

  • Key details
  • Completed June 2021
  • Width: 3.8 meters Height: 2.3 meters
  • Blind colour: Sand A26
  • Kedar spline tape colour: Beige
  • Powder coat colour Desert Sand Dulux Range
  • Standard Flashing, powder coated also in Desert Sand
  • Heavy duty roller tube with additonal zip trak helper spring for wide width curtain.

The customer was looking for two things from outdoor blinds for this situation, protection from the wind and rain particularly being located close to the coast, as well as privacy from the neighbours. This lead to the option of a coloured curtain being preferred rather than a clear. The customers colour selection was excellent and showed how impressive light coloured blinds can look on timber structures. Level timber posts with the addition of some timber skirting on the house made it possible to install the ziptrak outdoor blinds directly to the existing structure. A standard flashing ensured a clean finish and full protection from the elements. End result was a happy customer with a much more usable outdoor pergola area thanks to two impressive zip track blinds. Keep up to date with our most recent projects on our social media channels, click the buttons below.

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